The ISPOR Scientific Presentations Database (before formerly called the ISPOR Research Digest) is an electronic database of research papers presented at ISPOR Annual International Meetings, ISPOR Annual European Congresses, ISPOR Asia-Pacific Conferences, and ISPOR Latin America Conferences from 1998 to date.

This database is searchable by disease, by topic [clinical outcomes, economic outcomes, and patient-reported outcomes, health policy, or methods & concepts], and by meeting/congress/conference.

The ISPOR SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATIONS DATABASE contains abstracts of 47,256 research presentations given at ISPOR meetings. Over 50% of these presentations include a PDF file of the poster presentation or podium slides.

The information included in this database is:

Abstract Title
Abstract Authors and Affiliations
Abstract Text
Disease studied
Health Policy topics (no specific disease)
Methods and Concept topics (no specific disease)
For each disease studied,
  • Outcomes assessed
     - Clinical Outcomes
     - Economic Outcomes
     - Patient-Reported Outcomes (Quality of Life, Utility, Preference-based Outcomes, Willingness-to-pay,
    Compliance, Work/Patient/Treatment Satisfaction)
  • Health Policy discussed
  • Conceptual Papers and Research on Methods discussed
Meeting at which the paper was presented and the Value in Health citation
Meeting Abstract Code
Link to presentation pdf for podium presentation slides or poster presentation (where author gave permission to publish at the ISPOR website)
Contributed Paper Award (if any) or other indication of quality

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